Tyrenet’s Service Driven Ethos Impresses Commercial Motor Magazine

by Aaron on September 10th, 2012 in News

Top industry magazine Commercial Motor has recently published an article which lays bare the service driven tyre management ethos of Tyrenet for all to see.

The magazine, which specialises in the commercial vehicle sector published the article after interviewing Tyrenet MD Mike Riley along with Operations Director Aaron Mikoleizik to not only get to grips with the key aspects of tyre management and it’s importance to fleets but also to get an overall picture of the market in the UK including the impact of cheaper tyres imported from the Far East.

Also featured in the piece was the companies new Sales Director Paul Owens who was quizzed on his views with regards to the further expansion of the business. Along with the business as a whole Paul recognised that advancements in Tyrenet’s systems has presented real opportunities to leasing companies who in the past have found tyre management to be less cost effective due to the nature of their business.

One of the key areas touched upon surrounds the process of vehicle hire companies being able to rebill their customers for damaged tyres, and significant recent improvements within Tyrenet as a business has led to the further streamlining of this process for rental and spot hire companies allowing for their tyre management package to become much more cost effective.

The article also clearly set out Tyrenet’s values as an independent service provider network who can therefore act in the best interests of a client by choosing both the brand and pattern of tyre that proves to be most cost effective for that particular customer’s vehicles. This brand independent status allows Tyrenet to work with the customer to pick and choose from the wide range of tyres on the market to provide the best possible pence per kilometre figure across their fleet.

You can also download the full article here, and for further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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