Inflate Your Tyres To Save On Fuel

by Aaron on May 16th, 2012 in News

With fuel prices remaining close to record levels and an increase in fuel duty to hit later this year a recent study has highlighted the real cost of underinflation to drivers in the UK.

Effect Of Tyre Pressure On Fuel Economy

The study, which was conducted by one of the world’s top ten leading tyre companies has shown that with an average 5PSI underinflation the fuel consumption of the average car can be increased by 10% or more.

That means that for every litre of fuel you buy you could be wasting 100ml simply not by checking and adjusting your tyre pressure, which can take a couple of minutes and costs around 20 pence at a petrol station. With fuel now averaging 140p per litre that’s a loss of 14p per litre which adds up to around £7 per 50 litre tank which could give you an extra 40 – 50 miles of travel.

With the summer fast approaching warmer weather also leads to an increase in the amount of air escaping from your tyres, which leads to a greater rate of underinflation. Warmer temperatures cause the air inside the tyre to expand which increases the amount of escaped air, which means pressure should be checked and adjusted more regularly.

With fuel providing one of the largest expenses to UK fleets Tyrenet offer regular pressure checks and adjustments to their customers to help not only extend the life of their tyres but also to help improve fuel economy. Carried out as part of a regular fleet check program this proactive approach can lead to substantial savings for hauliers who will see their tyres last longer and rolling resistance reduced across the fleet.

For further information on how Tyrenet can help you make savings across your fleet please get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist.

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