Tyre Dealer

Tyre Dealer Benefits

Tyrenet consistently holds true to the founding philosophy of protecting and building business through highly committed professional independent tyre dealer businesses.

Our business model and message has been greatly received by a growing number of fleet operators disenchanted by the failed delivery from manufacturer and brand controlled chains. By becoming a Tyrenet service partner, a tyre dealer would expect to achieve the following benefits:

  • National fleet management contracts
  • Breakdown business – UK and European
  • No registration or annual fee
  • Breakdown cover for own customers – UK and European
  • Driven brand and service policy
  • Tyre industry call operators
  • Own fleets online reporting
  • Brand independent
  • Quality worksheets and fast invoicing

If you think your business has all that it needs to support our customers, or confident that Tyrenet is the ideal network to protect your customer’s interests, then please complete the application form below.

Tyre Dealer Account Application Form