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13 April 22

Fleet Maintenance and Emergency Cover Combined to Create the Perfect Solution

Tyrenet’s 24 hr call-out commercial tyre service is now available on-line alongside its traditional telephone services to improve service speeds and give truck, van and car drivers, another way to call out commercial tyre replacement or repair services.  The 24 hr commercial tyre call out service has proved incredibly popular over the winter months since the launch of the website www.tyrenet.net in the autumn last year.

As the network of fitters and dealers has grown, the emergency commercial tyre call out service has been able to improve its service times so that it can now boast one of the quickest commercial tyre fitting services in under 90minutes.  Key to that service speed, is having a relatively local tyre dealer who carries stock  of replacement commercial tyres across a wide range of vehicles.  

Mobile replacement HGV lorry tyre replacement or mobile HGV van tyre replacement?

Also as van fleets grow, so too does the demand to service van tyres. Van emergency tyre replacement or repair is also available as mobile van tyre fitting from the same dealer network, requiring them to carry a larger range of van emergency tyres.  

Tyrenet doesn’t just provide an emergency commercial tyre replacement or repair service but it also provides on-going fleet tyre services such as regular maintenance checks.   Whilst the truck or van drivers are required to do a ‘vehicle walk around’ on a daily basis before they set off, the maintenance inspection is much more thorough and is recorded within the Tyrenet on-line tyre monitoring system. HGV’s  have to get inspected by a service agent every 6 weeks. However, low pressures are often not detected on the daily and 6 weekly checks.   

Emergency van tyre call out or fleet management services

Tyrenet offers it’s fleet customers tyre-specific checks, which include remaining tread depths, pressure, and damage identification to ensure optimal tyre maintenance.   

Perhaps of equal importance during these days of rising fuel costs, every tyre is rated and labelled so the tyre purchaser can see the fuel economy (called rolling resistance coefficient i.e. RRC) and this can be a consideration for fleet operators when looking at an HGV emergency tyre replacement or repair. The pressure being maintained at optimal level also has a big effect on fuel economy so a more detailed check can be beneficial in that respect too.

Commercial tyre replacement near me?

Effectively, through the network of 24hr commercial tyre fitters, Tyrenet can become your local commercial tyre service be that for truck tyre roadside assistance or truck tyre fleet management.

The combination of the two elements means that instead of searching on the web for ‘ truck or van roadside tyre replacement near me’ you can just go to Tyrenet and if a vehicle in your fleet or you need to search for a ‘mobile HGV truck tyre fitters ‘ in another part of the UK, you can again just go to Tyrenet and  in both scenarios you will get immediate service and fleet management services that are recommended by many fleet operators and drivers too.  Tyrenet even had a request recently for the fitter to bring the stranded diabetic driver a can of full sugar coke to help stabilise his blood sugar levels which they did, much to his delight and it was all part of the service 

Never lose a job due to breakdown

Be back on the road within 90mins