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30 April 24

Tyre Troubles April 2024

First up is a 235/75R17.5 Hankook TH31 143K trailer tyre was expertly installed as part of our commercial tyre replacement service, with a subsequent 30-minute retorque. This tyre was specifically fitted onto a trailer tasked with transporting the iconic Bloodhound supersonic rocket-powered car, which boasts the official record for the fastest land speed, exceeding an impressive 1000 mph. The entire job, from arrival on site at 17:00 to completion, took one hour, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and prompt service. Upon removal, the old tyre was sent bank. This mobile emergency commercial tyre replacement was conducted at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, SO42 7ZN.
Here is an example of an out of hours commercial tyre repair. We specialise in roadside assistance and successfully organised this repair job on Feversham Lane in Glastonbury. The service involved a 305/70R19.5 tyre repair on the off-side front of a Leao brand tyre. A HPVC (High pressure valve cap) was fitted and a 30-minute retorque carried out. Despite the nail lodged in the tyre, the technician efficiently salvaged it, as it still had adequate tread depth. This commercial tyre replacement, completed within 50 minutes, showcases the efficiency and reliability of our 24-hour roadside commercial tyre service.

Two Firestone TSP3000 tyres in size 235/75R17.5 were swiftly provided as replacements during a commercial tyre emergency call-out. Two 6.75X17.5 10 stud steel wheels were also fitted due to the damage. The service, including a 30-minute retorque, was conducted on-site in Abermule, Montgomery, SY15, commencing at 16:00 and ending at 16:30. The expertise of our dedicated commercial tyre fitter was important for a successful roadside commercial tyre replacement.

We attended a same-day commercial tyre fitting for a Blacklion BT165 Steer tyre in a 315/70R22.5. It was fitted on the near side front of a Renault van, showcasing the efficiency of our roadside tyre service. The commercial tyre fitter was prepared and took a 9.00X22.5 10 stud steel wheel, although it was found unnecessary upon inspection due to the wheel being in good condition. The fitter, prioritizing safety, recommended a retorque procedure as an added precaution. The old tyre, which had suffered a blowout, was discarded, although details about its remaining tread depth and brand were unavailable. This van emergency tyre replacement was requested at 1pm with a 60/90-minute ETA, which was impressively achieved as the commercial tyre fitter arrived on-site just 20 minutes later. Situated at a layby next to the BP garage on A141 in Hartford, Huntingdon, PE28 2DN. Another rewarding emergency van tyre replacement.

At Tyrenet, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet our clients' needs. Recently, we swiftly responded to a roadside call for assistance. A Uniroyal FH40 tyre, with specifications including a load rating of 156/150 and size 315/80R22.5, required immediate replacement due to irreparable damage. Initially reported as a puncture repair, upon inspection, it became evident that the tyre had sustained significant damage, as shown in the image. The removal of the Continental Hybrid HS5 tyre, bearing a substantial chunk missing from its sidewall was disposed. Our team efficiently completed the emergency truck tyre replacement at a site off Newmarket Road in Petersfield, Ely, completing the task in less than half an hour.

An OSF 385/55R22.5 Sava Tyre, required urgent attention on a Rigid Volvo Trailer due to a blowout, requiring an emergency truck tyre assistance service. Alongside replacing the tyre, a valve was fitted, and an 11.75X22.5 offset wheel was installed. Our mobile emergency commercial tyre replacement service swiftly responded to the call, providing fast roadside truck tyre support. Despite the challenging conditions, our experienced tyre fitter also conducted a thorough 30-minute retorque to guarantee safety. The removed Goodyear KMax S Gen-2 tyre, despite having 9 tread depth remaining, had to be scrapped due to the severe damage from the blowout. Remarkably, the fitter completed the out-of-hours job in just 45 minutes, arriving on-site at 19:45. Situated roadside on the M6, Northbound between Junction 2 & 3.

Two 195/60R12 front steer tyres on a trailer required immediate attention due to damage. The new tyres installed were from the Nankang brand, specifically the TR10 pattern. The tyres removed were budget brand tyres that had to be scrapped. This emergency commercial tyre call out was swiftly addressed, highlighting our commitment to commercial vehicle roadside tyres assistance. Situated on the A696 in Otterburn, our fitter arrived on-site at 13:37 and completed the task within just 22 minutes. Another example of a successful fleet truck tyre replacement!

This commercial mobile tyre job entailed replacing an offside middle super single trailer tyre, recognised as a 385/65R22.5, emphasizing the need for our commercial tyre 24/7 services. The newly fitted tyre, a Samson GL286T, had a tread depth of 17. In contrast, the removed Continental CET3 160K load, had a tread depth of 7 but had suffered a blowout, so required a removal and scrapping. Our quick roadside truck tyre assistance was attended by our fitter at 10:23 and completed the job within just 30 minutes, showcasing the effectiveness of our commercial tyre call out service. Located roadside on the A14, just before the M6 Junction.

A commercial tyre breakdown occurred on a super single trailer, equipped with a 385/65R22.5 Tegrys TE48-T tyre, positioned on the near side front. The replacement was quickly attended to by our expert commercial tyre fitter, replacing the damaged Bridgestone R164, which had suffered a blowout. This incident underscores the importance of fleet tyre management to ensure operational efficiency and safety. Situated on the A14, Westbound between Junction 3 & 2, this job showcases our commitment to prompt assistance in commercial tyre emergencies. Despite the challenging circumstances, our fitter efficiently completed the job within one hour, leaving the site at 17:20.

An urgent truck tyre replacement was called in for a NSM Hankook AH31 steer tyre, showcasing our fleet management services' responsiveness. A HPVC fitted and 30 min retorque carried out are both part of our truck tyre fleet management. Removing a Falken R1151 154M, despite its 12TDR, was imperative due to a blowout, emphasizing the necessity of our fleet tyre services. The fitter meticulously torqued the wheel to 700km, ensuring safety standards were met. This job was located on the M4 between Junction 10 & 9 and completed in just 40 minutes, underlying our commitment to providing timely and reliable assistance.

If you are looking for tyre maintenance for your fleet or if you want access to our tyre network for emergencies while your vehicles operate outside their usual area, feel free to reach out to us. You'll enjoy the advantage of current agreed-upon tyre prices and receive nationwide tyre assistance. Our commitment is to answer calls with an experienced team who are ready to assist 24/7.

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