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03 May 24

Meet the Team

Established in 2004, Tyrenet has embarked on a journey of growth. Having relocated  three times, moving office from St. Helens to Speke, we continue to expand to accommodate our ever-growing team. Speaking of our team, they remain the beating heart of the business. Consisting of 19 passionate individuals, our team may be small but our impact in the tyre industry is mighty.
We are divided into 6 departments consisting of Operations, Invoicing, Accounts, Marketing, Health & Safety & IT. We all engage in a collaborative approach by sharing responsibilities and supporting each other. There are several team members that have been with Tyrenet for over a decade!

Mark (Operations Manager) and Gary (Operations Supervisor) oversee 9 operators who handle a staggering 300 daily calls and manage 200 jobs, spanning both emergency and routine fleet maintenance tasks. Our network has over 1000 tyre depots, ensuring prompt service and wide accessibility for our customers. With a remarkable response time of just 6 seconds, our team is always ready to assist, operating a 24/7 service to our valued clients. 
Within our team of 5, each member efficiently divides the invoicing workload to ensure personalised attention to every customer account. With the implementation of our new invoicing system, Zeus, our team now successfully manages over 30 fleet customers, with better accuracy to their invoicing. They are a team that uphold our commitment to delivering an exceptional service.
Rebekah serves as the Accounts Manager at Tyrenet. Starting as an apprentice in 2012 she has progressed over the years to assume this role. Responsible for managing accounts payable and receivable, as well as addressing queries. We have a newly implemented query system which enables both customers and dealers to independently generate queries and track their progress through each step. Rebekah still receives some support from Danielle, who initially worked in accounts, but has since taken a step back after forming and growing a new marketing department. 
This newly formed department, under the management of Danielle, oversees Tyrenet's social media platforms, content creation, and data analysis to assess performance. We are reachable online through Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn, were we boast over a thousand followers. Don’t forget to follow our channels to keep up to date! Links are below – 
Health & Safety 
Health & Safety is maintained by Kim. She is committed to keeping all documentation for commercial vehicle health and safety up to date as well as risk assessment management. It is important to keep your Health & Safety documents up to date as it ensures legal compliance, manages risks and promotes continuous improvement.
Our IT department comprises of only one team member, Nathan, who holds a BSC (Hons) Software Engineering degree. He is solely responsible for enhancing our computer systems and acts as our go-to expert for troubleshooting when issues arise. 
We are always eager to learn so we can deliver the best service to our customers. Our dedication to expanding our understanding in the tyre industry is proven in our approach. We proactively organise educational outings, taking our team to garages, dealerships and other tyre facilities. Here, we gain insights into various processes, from tyre repairs to fitments and everything in between. These help to provide deeper knowledge to better understand how we can help our customers. 

As we continue to grow and evolve, our team remains the driving force behind our success, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

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