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30 January 24

Tyrenet celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Charting our journey from St Helens via Churchill and now to Aviation

Tyrenet the leading network of roadside tyre dealers and fitters that boasts a prompt 90-minute turnaround for trucks and vans nationwide, launched on 9th January 2004. Initially located in Sutton Business Park in St Helens, Tyrenet’s journey began.

From very humble beginnings, founded by Mike Riley, the fleet service support business now handles a staggering 300 calls daily and delivers over 200 jobs both emergency and routine fleet maintenance, throughout the UK. After an impressive 57 years in the tyre business, Managing Director Mike Riley retired in July 2023. Tyrenet has continued to evolve into a fleet services support powerhouse and has launched its Tyre Maintenance Portal allowing fleets to monitor repairs and maintenance of trucks and trailers as well as vans.

After its initial launch and early growth in May 2012, Tyrenet relocated first to Churchill House on Gaskill Road, Speke and in 2018 after further development it moved to its current headquarters, Aviation House also in Speke.

Striving for better technology to improve efficiency

In 2015 Tyrenet became the first truck tyre dealer network to sign on with CAM International’s e-jobsheet, a digital tablet-based service work platform for trucks, buses and vans to improve the efficiency of its operations.

In 2021, Tyrenet introduced its on-line tyre ordering solution enabling a more general service for the public as well as commercial fleets that didn’t have an account or contract with a local tyre dealer. In 2022 the maintenance portal was launched to enable fleet services teams to monitor and manage their fleets more easily.

After Mike’s retirement last summer and almost 20 years of operations, the business is now headed by his understudy Aaron Mikoleizik. Aaron has been the driving force behind the technological developments, and this will be a key theme and area of development under his stewardship to both help dealers and fleets alike.

Tyrenet is now the UK’s leading tyre management and repair specialist with access to over 1000 tyre depots nationally, handling over 200 jobs per day from dumper truck puncture repairs to sourcing and replacing truck tyres on our motorway hard shoulders. Whenever you see a truck tyre blow out and a van attending to the vehicle, it was most probably organised by Tyrenet.

For all its operational involvements and high-speed service from a 6 second telephone answer to 90 minutes back on the road target and 24/7 nationwide operations, the business is run by a very small and very experienced specialist team of under 20 employees harnessing and developing the very latest technology to deliver a revered high quality service.

There is significant investment underway to further evolve the software solutions for tyre and wheel maintenance as well as ensuring the most well qualified and highly trained fitters attend the emergencies and are fully compliant with the very latest health and safety requirements.

Aaron adds, “we aim to provide the best possible service and over the last 20 years the Tyrenet brand has established an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and professional standards, our systems development will build on that to maintain those standards for the next 20 years”.

Never lose a job due to breakdown

Be back on the road within 90mins